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Retro Children's Digital Camera

  • $ 24.99

Retro Children's Digital Camera

Give your child the ultimate creativity Inspiring Gift! They can capture their favorite moments!

This completely functional, still and video camera encourages your kids to share they way they see the world and the pictures they find most exciting!  

It's made out of lightweight, safe materials and is designed to be easy to hold and carry. It's the perfect way to get your kids away from screens that don't inspire and into the world to inspire their creativity


Let them develop their imagination and create their own art and movies!

Helps with hand-eye coordination as well and is super functional:

Not only does it take photos, and records video with playback feature, but it also comes with a dozen cartoon photo frames built-in, multiple styles, and filters that can be easily selected while taking photos. The camera also comes with five classic mini-games, providing endless fun.