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5 Interesting Bible Facts

The Holy Bible is full of history, prophesies, and revelations. But did you know about these little details?

1. The Bible was originally written in 2 languages.

Over 15 centuries ago, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew while the New Testament was written in Greek. 

2. The Bible is the most stolen book.

Because it’s offered at most hotels and hospitals everywhere, people tend to just take it. It's also the most published book in the world.

3. The shortest verse in the Bible.

John 11:35 reads “Jesus wept.”

4. The last word of the Bible is Amen.

In the book of Revelation, the last verse, Revelation 22:21, reads "The grace of the Lord Jesus is with God’s people. Amen.”

5. Philippians 4:13 is one of the most misinterpreted verses.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Popularised by celebrities, many misunderstood this verse as God giving us the power to achieve our wildest dreams. However, when taken into context, what Paul actually meant was that God gives us strength to get through our toughest times.

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